Frequently asked questions

How long will I have my Dumpster before it is picked back up?

All Birmingham dumpster rentals are for 10 days. If you need to keep it longer you can do so for $10 for each additional day.

What if I go over the weight capacity?

There is a charge of $30 for each ton over the capacity of the Dumpster size you order. The capacity for the 10 yard dumpster is 2 tons and the 15 yard dumpster capacity is 3 tons.

Are there any other fees associated with a Dumpster order?

No. As long as your Dumpster is picked up within the 10 day window and does not exceed the weight limit there will be no additional charges or fees.

Can I receive my Dumpster the same day that I order it?

Yes. As long as you order your Birmingham dumpster rental before 11:00 am, your container will be delivered on that same day. Orders after 11:00 am will be delivered on the next operating day.

Do I need to be home for Dumpster delivery or pickup?

No. In most cases the driver will notify you that the Dumpster will be dropped off/picked up, but no one needs to be at your property for this to happen.

What size Dumpster do I need?

10 yard Dumpsters are best for cleaning out your house or for bathroom remodels. Mostly smaller jobs that can be defined to one room. 15 yard Dumpsters are our most common size and work for any remodel or construction job.

Is there anything I can't put in my Dumpster?

No hazardous materials such as paints, chemicals and gas are permitted in the Dumpsters. Other materials such as tires and appliances are also not permitted. Concrete is only permitted in our 10 yard Dumpsters and only in small quantities. Too much concrete can drive the weight up significantly and cause the weight capacity to be exceeded far before the Dumpster is full.


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